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Dame Blanche Seeds

Dame Blanche seeds are bred by Flying Dutchmen.

Dame Blanche Seeds

This shining Lady is the latest refinement of the ‘White’ lines of cannabis – a chunky, all-female strain that’s perfect for beginners or more experienced growers.
Cross-breeding White Widow with our Skunk/Northern Lights hybrid results in the White Lady - an Indica-dominant strain with a diverse Sativa background.

Dame Blanche is a big, sturdy production plant with strong branching.
Seedlings can be put into when quite small – with only a few pairs of leaves – and will normally finish around 1m in height. Budding is fast in the first half of flowering and furious in the latter, when her silky floral clusters topped with long pistils rapidly increase their mass and join together at the top of stem and branches to form stupendous sparkling colas that will please every ganja lover.

Sunny / MediterraneanAverage height gainFlowering 50 - 60 daysYield Heavy Yield80% IndicaFeminized seeds from seedbank Flying Dutchmen
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