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Ppp Seeds

Ppp seeds are bred by Weed Seed Shop.

Ppp Seeds

Pure Power Plant or PPP is a strikingly potent, mostly-Sativa seed-strain developed in the late Nineties from southern African cannabis varieties including Durban, Swazi and Malawi.

The tremendous growth potential of this plant is a prime example of hybrid vigour, where the offspring of unrelated varieties perform better than either of the parent strains. PPP is very energetic at all stages of growth and gains a lot of height in the flowering stage, allowing great yields from full-sized plants.

Pure Power Plant produces long, sparkling buds with a sweet, pine-aniseed flavour and a powerful social buzz that encompasses both mind and body.

Sunny / MediterraneanHigh plantFlowering 55 - 75 daysYield XXL Yield60% Sativa / 40% Indica Feminized seeds from seedbank Weed Seed Shop
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